Abhaya And The Steam Injuns Release Delightful Music Video For ‘Looking For Love’

Abhaya and the Steam Injuns, who are currently on their Nepal tour, have released a new music video. This is the second music video from their fourth album ‘Looking For Love’.

Earlier this year, the band had released the music video for ‘Maajhi Dai’. The second video from the album is for the title song. Jointly written by Viplob Pratik and Abhaya Subba Weise; the music for the song is also composed by the vocalist Abhaya herself. The merry rock song has quite a delightful video that features Sharupa Thapa Magar, Bikash Pun Magar and Tsehwang Yolmo; along with quite a lot of other dancers; and of course, the band members. Sanzip Rai has filmed, edited and directed the video.

This one is quite different that AATSI’s other music videos. A lot of people, lot of dancing, and a lot of fun — this is good. Watch it here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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