The Chainsmokers Confirm Nepal Gig In May

Right from the beginning of this year, the rumors of The Chainsmokers coming to Nepal for a gig have been around. But it was quite hard to believe as the popular DJ duo already had released the details of their tours for 2017, but there was no sign of Nepal anywhere in the schedule. It still remained a mystery until last night when they finally took to their Twitter handle to confirm the same. “Nepal, are you ready for the best night ever?? This May”, they wrote.

S-Events & Multimedia, an Australia based Nepali event company, is bringing the ‘Closer’ hitmakers to Nepal. “The date for the event is not yet confirmed but it would take place in the second week of May, after their Singapore concert during the Asian Tour”, Sunod Shrestha, director at S-Events, told NeoStuffs. “We’re also trying our best to bring Halsey to share the stage with The Chainsmokers.”

Dashrath Stadium has already been booked for the entire second week of May for the same event. The oganizers are expecting a crowd of over 30,000 at the event that will also have some of the topmost Nepali DJs opening for the American DJ duo. The tickets for the event are expected to cost between Rs. 5,000 (for regular tickets) to Rs. 25,000 for (VIP tickets).

We just can’t wait!!

Aww! Don’t you just wish it was all true? Confused?? Okay, try and remember the very first post we shared this morning. This one:

Yep, you got it right. It’s not happening. It’s just a prank post.

What, are you mad at us right now? Oh come on, take a chill pill. Here, ‘Closer’ might calm you down.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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