Nasty Drops Explosive Uniq Poet Diss Song, Uniq Responds

Diss songs have been an integral part of Hip Hop since the very beginning; and many Nepali emcees too have been releasing such songs aiming at other rappers since years. Latest to join the list are Nasty and Unik Poet.

On Friday, Nasty released a song titled ‘Reminder’, a diss track which clearly seems to be directed at Uniq Poet. “Bout visions that you and I view, only difference I’m paid for the shit; so, you gon’ die if you in our queue, oh you mad cuz you ain’t in our shoes; or you mad cuz you U N I Q? I’m just mad cuz you are not you”, he raps. “Never fuck with me boy, I’m not nice; but you mad your rap shit ain’t got life, so you better off finding a job aye, cuz you ain’t really built for this shit though; never really was really with the shits though, only time you got YB in U is, if you really got to choke on his dick though”, he further raps in the beat produced by Alexx.

Listen to it here.

Uniq Poet didn’t take long to respond to this diss track and dropped ‘Capiche’ aimed at Nasty. He starts the song rapping, “Oh boy! You messing with the wrong one”. “We all know where you come from; so don’t brag about the money that your daddy got”, he further raps, “You should really win an Oscar, go to a fucking doctor the way you acting like a millionaire”. With the line, “Cause ever since you produced for Khatra, you got an illusion that you’re really Khatra”, he refers about Nasty’s latest album as the producer for Yama Buddha’s ‘Khatra’. He even challenges him to battle him out on Raw Barz, rapping, “Raw Barz, I’m ready for another battle; but only if this pussy ready.”

That’s not it, Uniq even fires shots at his former The Underdogs fellow rappers. He raps, “Year ago Symfu betrayed your sorry ass, now I see the same hoe lickin on your ball sack”, talking about Symfamous. “I’m a lone wolf I don’t need Underdogs”, he raps referring to his exit from the Hip Hop group.

Here it is.

Well, we’re not yet clear how did this Nasty-Uniq beef started and since when; but one thing looks pretty clear that this is definitely not going to end anytime soon.

You’ve heard them both. Comment below and let us know, who you think won this round.

Cover arts of Nasty’s ‘Reminder’ (L) and Uniq Poet’s ‘Capiche’ (R)

Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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