Art Exhibition In Kathmandu To Give Voice To Animals

Earlier this year in January, the government approved the wildlife farming legislation that allows wildlife farming and commercialization of the wildlife products. The newly endorsed amendment act to the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act 1978 is being opposed by animal rights activists as they fear that the decision will not be a solution to wildlife conservation but make it even worse. An online petition to “repeal the wildlife farming legislation!” that is going to be delivered to the Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation has already been signed by over 3,300 supporters.

“The wildlife farming, breeding and research has a clause that specifically permits individuals to breed and use wild animals for any reason whatsoever ranging from harvesting organs and body parts, exporting and selling them anywhere, keeping the animals for entertainment, breeding purposes, and even zoos for educational purposes,” the petition states. “This opens up the possibilities of fur farms, bile farms, circuses, mini zoos, meat farm, slaughter houses, and experiments on animals.”

In opposition of the legislation, a photo exhibition is being organized in Kathmandu. The event by Ghumante in collaboration with Sachet Nagarik Abhiyan will showcase a number of photographs by over a dozen renowned photographers that will not only be limited to animals and wildlife but the various sides of Nepal. Fifty percent of the amount collected from the sales of the photographs in the event will be donated for the welfare of the animals. One of the main attractions of the event supported by Word Warriors would be slam poetry as well.

The event takes place at BAC Art Cafe in Pulchowk on Saturday, March 11th. Find out more details on event’s Facebook page.

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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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