It Took 10 Months To Make This Magnificent 3-Minute Time Lapse Video Of Bouddhanath: Watch

11:56 AM on 25th April 2015 changed a lot of things – it was the day Nepal will always remember as one of the blackest days in the history of this Himalayan nation. The 7.8M earthquake didn’t only take away 9,000 lives but also left over 22,000 injured and dozens of historical monuments partly, and some of them even completely, damaged. One of such monuments was the white Stupa at Bouddha in Kathmandu that has recently been renovated — great work, we must say! The creative people at Nepal360 worked on the timelapse video of the dome-shaped Stupa from February this year to November. The hard work and creativity of 10 months has finally been made public recently, that too on the final day of Bouddhanath consecration ceremony on November 20nd.

The 3-minute timelapse video released on YouTube amazingly captures the beauty of this UNESCO world heritage site and shows how well the renovation has been finished. Massive respect to the people behind its renovation and of course, Suchan and Sachina, the married couple who formed Nepal360, and worked hard for 10 months to bring us this video.

“There’s nothing like having a nice breakfast in the morning and looking out at the beautiful stupa. After the quake, the stupa is probably the first monument to be renovated. My wife had this brilliant idea of capturing the moments of the making of it and hence, for a few days of every month we went a top the same roof top cafe, positioned our camera at the same exact location, had a wonderful breakfast with this amazing view. And now after 10 months, we have a complete video”, Suchan told NeoStuffs.

Watch it here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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