21 Thoughts I Had When I Landed In Nepal After 3 Years!

I had been away from home for last 3 years and recently came back to Nepal. Do you know what does that mean? Excitement, happiness, emotions, nostalgia, and a lot of feelings — good feelings. So, without further ado, these are the 21 thoughts I had when I entered Nepal after over three years.

1. Wow! Everthing is so green from up here.


2. It must be Kathmandu now. So many houses and tall buildings everywhere – pretty much the same as before, I guess.

3. <Captain Announces: “We’re about to land in Kathmandu.> Damn! Is this for real?

4. Aaaaaaand we land! Woot woot! Namaste Nepal – my favorite country in the entire freaking world.

5. Aaah! This air!

6. There’s the bus. Let’s go inside the airport now. Tadadada!

7. Aww! Niti baini welcomed me.

Niti Shah!

8. I wonder who all have come to receive me.

9. Here we are. Let’s go and grab the luggage now.

10. My flight no. is still not listed on the screen. Guess I’ll have to wait for a while.

11. Wait! That looks like my bag. But my flight no. is still not listed. How come..?? Whatever, I’ll just grab my bag.

12. And there’s the other one. Let’s get the hell out of here now.

13. Aah! Everyone speaks Nepali. Eargasm!

14. Now, where my people at? There they are! Happinessssssssss!

15. Finally! Meeting my family after years. I am the happiest person on earth right now.


16. They say Tribhuvan International Airport is one of the worst international airports in the world but not even the finest airports have ever given me so much happiness.

17. Come on, let’s hit the road now. Can’t wait to see how much the capital has changed.

18. Why is everyone honking so much!?

19. Is that where Dharhara used to be? I think I am gonna cry right now.

20. Hmm! The roads look pretty good.

21. Here we are. *Dances*

I moved to Pokhara, the beautiful town I call home, the next day.

That’s it amigos! Until next post.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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