Apology From Embassy of India In Poland: It Was An Honest Mistake

Phew! It has been quite a busy day today with three back to back posts on the same issue. If you’re not aware of the ‘Annapurna Range Billboard’ controversy, here’s what it is all about.

(Pictured Below: Mr. Ajay Bisaria (right), the Ambassador of India to the Republic of Poland, in front of the controversial billboard.)

ajay bisaria

(Pictured Below: Picture taken by Rajesh Shrestha, a Kathmandu resident currently on a tour around Europe.)  annapurna poland The above two pictures from the Embassy of India in Warsaw, Poland are making rounds on the internet for all the wrong reasons. As it can be clearly seen that the picture that has the famous Annapurna Mountain Range is from Kaski, Nepal but the text ‘Incredible !ndia’ written on it makes it clear that it was intended to be shown as a place in India. And that’s what all the controversy is about. (Read more about it HERE)

So, the latest update is that an apology has been received from the embassy. It isn’t exactly an official apology but still the important thing is that the billboard has been removed from there.

controversy end

So, a filmmaker based in Kathmandu, Shashank Shrestha, posted the controversial picture on the wall of the official Facebook page of India In Poland (Embassy of India, Warsaw) and wrote, “Extremely disappointed to see photos of Annapurna Range in Nepal being used in the Incredible India campaign. This is now way professional.

To this, the embassy’s response was, “Thanks for pointing out the error. We’ve removed the poster. It was an honest mistake, an image provided by an outsourced company. Our apologies to our friends in Nepal.”

Hmm! That was quite a satisfying and professional move by the embassy. May such little incidents do not harm the healthy and friendly relationships of Nepal and India.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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