Samriddhi Rai Drops First Episode of ‘Sammy Adventures’ & It’s Amaaazing!

The wait is finally over as Nepal’s first web adventure series has arrived. Yes, you got it right, Sammy and her adventures are here! With the goal to let the world know that Nepal is still beautiful and amazing even after the quake, the first episode of 8-episode series of Samriddhi Rai’s new show ‘Sammy Adventures’ has been released. The episode titled ‘Chasing The Chitlang Cheese’, as the name suggests, is an adventurous journey from Kathmandu to Chitlang. Let’s see what she did in this trip.

Some off-roading! Um, well this doesn’t actually look very pleasing but quite adventurous I guess!


Mountain Biking! Wow! I love this trip already!


Cheeeeeeeese! Yum! (Chitlang is the hub of French goat cheese in Nepal, all thanks to Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh Thakuri. You sir, take a bow!)


This lake, aammoini!


Sammy, no. Sammy, don’t. Damn! She just jumped into the lake!


Aww! Doesn’t she look cute?


How I wish I was here, away from the crowd and all the hustle and bustle. Such a treat for your eyes and soul!


Well, that’s not it at all. There are a lot of exciting things in this episode. Watch the 9-minute episode here, while I book myself a ticket to Chitlang.

Here’s what you can expect to see in the episodes to come.



I am so excited and looking forward to the upcoming episodes. Who else is? Subscribe to her channel to make sure you don’t miss any action – HERE.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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