Celebs React: What If Wearing A Dhaka Topi All The Time is Made Compulsory?

Guys, we would like to let you know that from May 1st, 2016; it will be compulsory for every person in Nepal, whether a Nepali or a foreigner, to wear a Dhaka Topi all the time. The Home Ministry of Nepal on Monday released a press statement regarding the new rule. If you are found not wearing a Dhaka Topi, you might have to end up in jail for six months. Wait, alli dherai nai vayo ki kya ho hai?

So, here’s the thing, no such rule has been implemented YET but you never know because ‘our leaders’. So what if one day it becomes mandatory for you to be wearing a Dhaka Topi 24×7? What would your reaction be like? The team from ‘Channel Arbitrary’ went out and asked the same question to some K-Town celebs and their reactions are pretty interesting. Watch the video. Do comment about your opinion on the subject as well.

Guys from Channel Arbitrary, we would like to watch people’s opinion on “What if Buddha was not born in Nepal and there was no Mt. Everest in Nepal? We have been bragging about these things since forever. Do you think we really don’t have anything else we can be super proud of?” It would be really great if you guys go to streets and take the opinions from the general public. We would love to see that. Keep up the good work!



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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