Pokhara Rape & Murder Case: Help Police Track Down The Culprit(s)

19-year-old Yoruna Pun, also known as Neha, was found dead on Tuesday Morning. Her body was recovered from near her house in Naya Gaun, Pokhara.

Yoruna used to leave for Smile Cafe, New Road at around 7 AM, where she worked. It was her regular schedule to finish her work between 8 to 9 PM to leave for home. But when she didn’t return home till late on Monday night, her family got worried and started searching for her. It was the next morning when her body was found. As per the police investigation so far, she is suspected to have been raped and then murdered. From the injury on her head, it is speculated that something heavy was hit on her head to kill her.

She was attacked on her way home between 8 to 9 PM, which can’t be considered quite late at night and people are still awake and outside during that hour. The way from her workplace in New Road to Indra Chawk is one of the busiest routes in town where the people are travelling almost 24 hours; also because from Lakhan Chawk to Indra Chawk, it’s Prithivi Highway. And then again from Indra Chwak to Naya Gaun, it’s one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in town. If someone had forcefully picked her up, there must have been some reaction from her and the people around must have observed some suspicious activities. And if the culprit(s) was/were not strangers but someone she knew, then there might be her friends or relatives who might have slight idea about the activity. Now is not the time to just keep your mouth shut even if you have any information regarding it. She might not be someone you knew, but what if the next victim is someone you know or even someone you love? Please cooperate with the police in finding those devils by providing any information you have and be a part in bringing them to justice. Call Ram Bazar Police Station at 061-430933 and provide the smallest detail you might know about the case.

The reason behind most of the unsolved cases is not the police’s failure in investigation but it is the silence of the people who have some clues about the case but choose not to talk about them for some reasons. Let’s do our part right.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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