Miss Earth India Aaital Khosla Apologises to Nepalese For The Mistake On Her Eco Video

VIENNA, NOV 28: The introductory/eco video of Miss Earth India Aaital Khosla was taken down from the official Youtube channel of Miss Earth on Friday; and before the video was deleted, it had around 60 thumbs up and more than 7000 thumbs down, with dozens of comments expressing anger and frustration. The reason for all this controversy was the usage of some of the footages on the video which were taken from various other videos from Nepal. Not only the natural shots of mountains and rivers but even the city shot was taken from Kathmandu and this was the very reason that made the Nepalese netizens furious. And what added to the level of anger was the new edited video that was released on Saturday, as it seemed clearly unfair to the other contestants to give their contender two chances even after commiting such a huge mistake. But later today on Saturday, Aaital took it to her personal Facebook handle to apologise to Nepalese people for hurting their sentiments. She also stated that the mistake was unintentional. Her full statement read:
Dear Nepal, I am sorry if I have inadvertently hurt your sentiments by showing parts of your land in my video. It was an unintentional mistake which I know has caused your people anguish. I deeply regret the same. You are a dear neighbour and will remain so. I seek your forgiveness and I am sure you will be magnanimous in accepting my apology. Regards, Aaital.

The very post was shared by Miss Earth Nepal Dibyata Vaidya on her personal Facebook handle as well, along with her views on this controversy. Her statement read:
The eco video has created a lot of agitation among Nepalese and I too was equally sad about it. I wanted to talk to Miss India about it and get things sorted out. Things are very much clear and according to her it’s her national director Mr. Nikhil Anand who is the culprit behind the video as he uploaded without showing her and did not agree to delete it because it had lots of views. According to Aaital Khosla she does not even want an eco video but her ND uploaded a new video this morning which she is not aware about it. I too think that Miss Earth Organization should not give second chance as it would be unfair to other countries who have worked so hard in so much pressure to submit the video before the deadline.
I would like to spread her message to my beloved Nepali people that she is sorry for this mistake. Due to time constraints, she was not able to focus on her project which I can understand.
Let’s not spread hatred, and spread only love.
I think the whole world needs extra love these days.
And let’s show how Nepali people are full of love and warmth and let’s shower nothing but love to Aaital Khosla.
Best regards,
Dibyata Vaidya
Jai Nepal!

Miss Earth pageant has commenced in Austria and the coronation night is to take place on December 5th at Austria Marx Halle in Vienna. Delegates from 90 countries will be competing for the coveted crown this year.

The original posts of the both the delegates can be seen below:
Aaital Khosla:

In the end we are all humans and we do make mistakes
#gratitude #missearth2015 #india🇮󾓭

Posted by Aaital Khosla on Saturday, 28 November 2015

Dibyata Vaidya

The eco video has created a lot of agitation among Nepalese and I too was equally sad about it. I wanted to talk to…

Posted by DibYata Vaidya on Saturday, 28 November 2015


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