Maggie Doyne: A ‘Superhero’ Changing Lives in Nepal

Have you ever wondered how would superheroes look like if they existed in real life? Would they wear some fancy suits and would have amazing super-powers? Now answer me this question: “Who do you think a supehero is?” Isn’t it a person who makes others’ lives better and comforting in some ways? They are so committed towards helping and assisting other people that they won’t mind if they have to sacrifice their own comforts for it.

Today, we would like to introduce you to a superhero who is living a thousands of miles away from her home country and her own family to help and support underprivileged children in Nepal and she is none other than 28 years old Maggie Doyne.

An American teeanager came to Nepal a decade ago when the civil-war had just ended. She was in Surkhet where she saw and met children who had lost their families and had to earn themselves a living by breaking the big stones into smaller pieces by the riverbed to sell them. It broke her heart to see such small children in such terrible conditions and she wanted to do something for them. She used her lifetime saving of $5000 to buy a land there in Surkhet to build a house which was named ‘Kopila Valley Children’s Home’ to keep those extremely needy children. That’s how her extra-ordinary journey started. Today around 50 children live a happy and healthy life at Kopila Valley.

Doyne later founded an organization called BlinkNow Foundation in order to expand her work and accumulate a larger number of needy children. It was in 2010 when the group started Kopila Valley School where around 400 of underprivileged children are getting education who would have not been able to go to school otherwise.

Watch Maggie Doyne talking about her unbelievable journey so far in the video below.

Doyne’s amazing and outstanding work for the society has won her a place in CNN Heroes 2015. She is hopeful to get support from all the Nepalese when the online voting for CNN Hero of the Year award will be open. The award has been brought to Nepal earlier by Anuradha Koirala in 2010 and Puspa Basnet in 2013. It’s time it comes to Nepal yet again. Watch her CNN Hero video below.

Click HERE to read her interview with CNN Heroes.

Doyne might be an American by birth but she is a Nepali at heart and she does want to have a Nepali citizenship so that she can be able to give more to the community. Help her achieve her dream by signing an online petition HERE.

To know about her and the Organization’s work or to support them, log on to their website and stay updated with their activities on their Facebook page.

(Cover Photo Courtesy: CNN Heroes)


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