EXCLUSIVE: President Obama to Visit Nepal in April

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala had extended a formal invitation to United States President Barack Obama to visit Nepal through US ambassador to Nepal Peter W. Bodde in December. Obama did pay a visit to India later in January but could not make it to Nepal. As per a very reliable source, the US president will be visiting the Himalayan nation in April on a three days trip. He will arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport in the evening of 31st April. But he has two demands with Nepal and if they are not fulfilled, the trip might get cancelled. Talking exclusively with NeoStuffs about his demands, Obama said, “I am a huge fan of Rajesh Dai and would like to take a photograph with him. Secondly, I would like to be interviewed by the legendary journalist Rishi Dhamala. I would have to cancel my visit sadly if these two of my wishes are not fulfilled.” So the big question now is, will Nepal be able to fulfill Obama’s wishes?

We talked to general public about US President’s visit to get their views and here’s what they had to say:

Fulmaya:America ma iPhone sasto paincha re. Euta magauna paye huntheo ni. (I’ve heard iPhones are cheaper in America, I wish I could have him get one for me.)

Prem Kumar:10 barsa vayo DV varna lako, aba ko choti chahi jasari ni milaidina pareo vannu parla uslai. (I’ve been trying for DV lottery since ten years, I would like to request him to get me through anyway this time.)

Dhan Bahadur:Hoina ko aauna lageo feri Nepal ma? Jo pani Nepal nai aauchan baa. Ko ho Obama vanne khaas? Hero ho? Aai rakhos, malai baal! (Now who is coming to Nepal again? Everyone is coming to Nepal these days. Who is this Obama anyway? An actor? Who cares if he comes or doesn’t!)

If you are wondering “what the heck is wrong with this news?”, then let us congratulate you that you have successfully become a FOOL. Happy April Fools’ Day!! Teehee!!

(Note: This is a prank post published for fun and we hope it would be taken lightly. We do not intend to offend anyone in anyway.)

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