Birkhey to Fight Mary Kom

Nepali movie ‘Birkheylai Chinchhas’ is set to release this Friday on September 5th. The film directed by Araaj Keshav, tells a story of a common man who turns out to be a hero. It stars Subash Thapa, Binita Khadka and Aayusha Rai in the lead.

As the biggest competition of Kollywood movies are the foreign movies and more particularly Bollywood movies; Birkhey too will have to compete with one of the biggest Bollywood releases of the year – Mary Kom, an biopic on the five times world boxing champion MC Mary Kom starring Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka Chopra has a good fan following in Nepal and what makes this movie even more popular here is the veteran Nepali actor Sunil Thapa who will also be seen in the movie in a very important role of Priyanka’s coach. It will be interesting to see a fight between a common man and a world boxing champion.

Talking with NeoStuffs, Araaj Keshav said, “I am a huge fan of Mr. Sunil Thapa and I respect him a lot. We had worked together in a movie called ‘Facebook’ in which I had worked as the Asistant Director. I have wished him luck for his comeback movie in Bollywood ‘Mary Kom’ and he wished me for my first directorial movie ‘Birkhe’. We do not have any feeling of competition with each other but love and respect for each other’ s work.”


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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