‘Kagazpatra’ Trailer: Things People Do to Go to Australia

Just yesterday, journalist Rabi Lamichhane talked to Nepali students in Sydney on his show ‘Sidha Kura Janta Sanga‘. They had come live to talk about how they are facing uncertainty after authorities cancelled the registration of their college, Australia Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT), after it was found to have breached several of its conditions.

And today, a film trailer has been released that shows how far people – Nepali people to be more particular – go to fulfil their dream of going to Australia.

‘Kagazpatra’ starring Najir Husen, Shilpa Maskey, Sarita Giri and Bholaraj Sapkota has a 40-year-old man get (fake) married to a 20-year-old girl because, you know, Australia. Written and directed by ‘Jhumkee’ director Apil Bista, the film is scheduled to drop on March 22nd.

“The film is based on something that I’ve seen happening a lot in our society”, Bista, who lives in Australia, told NeoStuffs. When asked if the trailer was released after the AIBT controversy, “No. It was actually scheduled to come out today”, he answered.

The trailer promises a fun film. Watch it here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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