Sajjan Raj Vaidya Releases New Version of ‘Mooskaan’

‘Mooskaan’ was Sajjan Raj Vaidya’s second Nepali single that he had released back in 2015. The song was released on YouTube with a music video – which he later deleted. 

The New York-based artiste has now released the song again – with some changes. The track now features beautiful flute tunes by Sumit Maharjan. “Here is my new release of a very, very old song ‘Mooskaan’ in which I had the tremendous pleasure of collaborating with a fine, fine musician @timusic_mhj (Sumit Maharjan); I wrote 8 years ago around 2010/11. You all asked for it to be back numerous times and here it is. Thank you to everyone who demanded it”, the singer-songwriter wrote on his Instagram handle. “Finally, and most importantly, thank you to all of you who have supported us and our music. You give me another reason to keep writing song and keep making more music.”

The first Nepali original single that Sajjan released was ‘Aaja Matra‘ in 2014. He had been doing more covers than originals until then. The next year – in 2015, ‘Mooskaan’ came; followed by ‘Anautho Mutu‘. His first big hit was ‘Hawaijahaj‘ that came out in 2016. The song brought him the much deserved attention and appreciation. In 2017, he dropped ‘Mayaloo‘, and later that year, he released ‘Chitthi Bhitra’ – the song that has turned out to be his biggest hit so far, with over 3.5 million YouTube views.

He has released a lyric video for ‘Mooskaan’. Here it is. Enjoy the beautiful piece.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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