Bartika Eam Rai Releases First Music Video From New Album ‘Taral’

We knew Bartika Eam Rai only as a pageant winner who had won the Miss Nepal US competition in 2013; until January of 2016 when she released her first ever single called ‘Khai‘. It was only then when we found how what an amazing singer-songwriter she is. ‘Khai’ was one of the six songs from her debut album ‘Bimbakash‘.

After a little over two years, the New York based artiste is back with her second album titled ‘Taral’. Bartika is currently on her 5-city pre-release tour — four of which have already taken place in Boulder, Dallas, Washington and Boston – with only the New York concert left, scheduled on May 5th.

Thank you bow to @onesun88, @_sworup_, Saagar Dai for the two primary show infrastructures: the sound and the photos. Shoutout to my fam Rohit and Priyanka for making the trip to DC from Boston; taking care of me and Ankit, fixing the lights, merch, making coffee runs and doing everything in between to make the show possible. Also this is the first ever time Rohit attended my DIY show, he is my fam who got me into continuing writing songs at a point when I was all downhill. DC was emotional and I was talking more than more can be; to compensate for my emotions and put a poker face. All fun. All good. Also also one last thing: the first ever time when kids made it to my audience. Thank you Kriti and Niti. Thank you, DC. ❤️ Photography by: @sworupranjit 6 of 6 #taral_bartikaeamrai #taralprerelease #taral2018 #bartikaeamrai

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On Friday, Bartika released the first song off of the album. The music video for ‘Umer’ has been released on YouTube. “Umer is a song I wrote for Papaji, Eam (Kumar) Rai, who I lost when I was younger. Death is strange, loss is strange and we ignore the subject like it is either non-existent or that it is plainly unholy to talk about the dead. Through the years, there have been things I’d like to have shared first with him that has not been quite possible,” she describes the song. “Umer is my ‘coming of age update’ to my father. I had never imagined publicizing this fact so openly.”

Written, composed and performed by Bartika herself; the track is mastered and engineered by Diwas Gurung – who has also produced the music for the song. The emotional music video starring Surya Man Limbu and Diya Bomjan is produced by Fuzz Factory Productions.

This is a beautiful piece of work. Here.

Bartika will be releasing one song off of the album every week for next seven weeks. On June 9th, the entire album will be released on all of the major music streaming platforms.


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