This Song Will Make You Love (And Respect) Your Parents A Little More

No matter how much love you have for your parents; at some point, more particularly when you were a teenager; you might have thought that they were sometimes annoying. And you only realized it later when you became more matured that they weren’t exactly being annoying but they just wanted good things to happen to you, at the right time. They might have stopped you from doing what you wanted to do; or had you do something that didn’t interest you; but there must have been some reason behind the same. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that parents are never wrong; but one thing is for sure, they would always want you to be safe and happy; and they would even sacrifice their own happiness to see you smile.

Nikita Bura Magar is a cover singer and you might have listened to her singing Albatross’ ‘Nischal’, RK Square’s ‘Launa Ho’, or ‘Thamel’. The UK based singer recently did an original single tilted ‘Mummy Daddy’; and as the title suggests, it’s about parents. This one is so relatable that it will definitely make you emotional.

Listen to it here.

This would sound more beautiful if it was recorded in a studio with good arrangement, mixing and mastering. We hope she records it in future. This raw version too is pretty good though. What do you think of it? Comment below.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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