Niti Shah Is Slaying It In This Photoshoot!

At age 16 in 2012, Niti Shah entered the modeling industry and the rest is history. Today she is one of the most sought after Nepalese models who has walked at some of the most prestigious fashion events for the most prominent designers; and has graced the covers of almost all the leading fashion and lifestyle magazines. Looking back at all these four years, “I remember the initial days just like it was yesterday. I was trained by Sijan Bhattachan when I first entered this industry. There was this workshop where I was the youngest. Asmee di, Rashmita di and few of other seniors helped a lot during the training. I used to be very shy and introvert but now I’m just the opposite, well almost. I definitely think that I still have to work on a lot of things but I can see a lot of improvement in myself as compared to those early days. I still remember how Sijan di used to make me walk with high heels and thick books on my head. Pragati Gurung di too was always there to support me. I started off with the cover of Teenz magazine and then I was called for Navyata cover followed by M&S and then couple of others. As I started getting more assignments, I got to learn more. House of Fashion was another big platform for me where I developed myself more and also made some amazing friends and lots of good memories. I feel blessed to be a part of this industry. Of course just like any other industry, there are room for some improvements in this industry as well and I do believe that we are getting better with time”, she told NeoStuffs.

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The journalism student at St. Xavier’s recently shot for DS Collections and she looks flawless.

Styled by Peppy Owl, Niti looks absolutely gorgeous in all of these photographs taken by Bryan Rai. Let’s look at a look what we’ve got here.

Have you seen anyone else sporting a hat this gracefully?

niti one

Such a stunner, eh?

niti shah 4

Beware, looks can kill!

niti shah 5


niti shah 2


niti shah 3

That smile though!

niti shah 6

You’re automatically more attractive if you love animals!

niti shah 1


niti shah 7


niti shah 8

Hmm! What might be she thinking?

niti shah 9

Okay! How does someone look so perfect?

niti shah 10

Wearing a beautiful smile!

niti shah 11

We have run out of adjectives to describe her now!

niti shah 12

Hello! You, yes you, you are beautiful!

niti shah 13


Isn’t she just perfect? Yep, she is. Can’t get enough of her photographs? Connect with her on Instagram and Twitter!

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