Meeting People to Spread the Message of Unity, Two Friends Are Walking From Mahakali to Mechi

We always have taken pride in being a Nepali and always talked about how there’s a unity in diversity in our beautiful country. But since a couple of months, we have been witnessing some incidents which would not have taken place if we actually were united. There’s no denying that our country is currently broken into few pieces and the only way to actually rise is by getting united. Our government has definitely failed to do so and to some extent, it’s also our responsibility to keep the harmony among each other. And to do the same, two youths from Kathmandu have decided to walk from Mahakali to Mechi. During their journey, they will be meeting various people from different communities, listen to them and also spread the message of unity. They will also be distributing these handouts:


Talking with NeoStuffs, one of the campaigners who would like to be called Iih for this journey, told that they started their journey from Nov 5 from Tanakpur and will continue it till they reach Mechinagar, Jhapa. As he was talking to us, the two were given shelter by the family of Rajkumar Rana in Dhakka, Kanchanpur. Iih and his companion, Lochan Acharya, are to move to Dhangadi the next day, which is 2 hours of walk away from their current stay.

This is definitely a great initiative and we have nothing but massive respect for these two friends who are doing what our government has failed to do, especially with trying to connect the people of Madhes. We wish them all the luck for their wonderful journey. We shall stay in touch with them to bring you the latest information on their campaign. Bon voyage friends!

We’ll leave you with some of the photographs from their journey so far.









Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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