Highway to Dhampus Wins ‘Best US Premiere’ Award at Heartland Film Festival

Heartland Film Festival is a popular film festival that takes place in October every year in Indianapolis, USA. The ten days long film festival was held between 16th to 25th October this year. 135 movies from around the world were screened and one of them was ‘Highway to Dhampus’. The film was not only appereciated by the audience and other film makers but it also succeeded in winning the ‘Best US Premiere, Narative’ award.

Talking about his experience at the festival, actor Raj Ballav Koirala said, “I feel so blessed. It is not just about the movie anymore. Movie talks about Nepal and reveals the natural beauty of country. So it’s a pleasant feeling that people are talking about our country and our story.”

Director Rick McFarland was overwhelmed by the reception of the film at the festival. He shared his happiness with NeoStuffs saying, “Our experience at The Heartland Film Festival was amazing. The festival was a perfect place to Premier a film that had attempted to embrace the moral, cultural and visual beauty and simplicity of Nepal and the beautiful Nepali people. What a overwhelming reception the film and its actors received.” He further added, “It really was the ‘Heart of America’ embracing, loving, admiring and honoring the ‘Heart of Nepal.’ Congratulations to Raj and Suesha and all the actors, whose USA debut was such an incredible success. I can’t imagine a more positive response. Dhanyabad to all our Nepali friends for helping make our film possible. We love you Nepal!”

The film which is about a British heiress who is sent to an orphanage in Nepal by her parents in an attempt to clean up her image, tells the story of how she actually grows closer to the people and starts loving them and Nepal. Her visit doesn’t only affect her life but also of an American photo-journalist, a Nepali pilot, and an orphanage headmistress.



The film is written and directed by Rick McFarland and stars Rachel Hurd-Wood, Gunner Wright, Raj Ballav Koirala, Suesha Rana, Deshbhakta Khanal, Sayush Gurung Bajracharya, Sophie McShera, Vinzenz Kiefer Masha Tokareva, Sunil Shrestha and more. The movie is jointly produced by Kenneth Hill, Kathy McFarland, Jaswant Dev Shrestha, Charity Dinkins and John De Bilas Williams.

The film will be premiered in Nepal in the first quarter of 2015. Watch the trailer here.

Here are some pictures from the festival.














Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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