The Internet Thinks Never Have I Ever’s Ethan Looks Like Swastima Khadka & I Can’t Unsee It Now

I finished the fourth and final season of ‘Never Have I Ever’ earlier this week on Wednesday. I am also on the second season of ‘Love, Victor’, but I swear, never even for a single moment, I thought Michael Cimino looked like any other actor; let alone a Nepali actor; that too a female actor.

And then I got on TikTok, and there it is.

Like what?? For real though. Absolutely cannot unsee it now. Now I am like, how did I miss it! He does look like our very own, Swastima.

Cimino stars in four episodes of the latest season of Never Have I Ever as the show’s lead character Devi’s love interest. Apart from playing Ethan in the Netlflix series, the 23-year-old actor also stars in Hulu’s ‘Love, Victor’, playing the titular role. He is also a singer-songwriter who has released some singles.

Swastima Khadka, on the other hand, is a model turned actress who made her silver screen debut with 2015 film ‘Hostel Returns’. The ‘Bulbul’ actress is currently filming for her upcoming movie ‘Dimaag Kharab’.

Well, science says that there are at least six people around the world who look like you. Okay, five more Swastima Khadka doppelgängers to find. When I asked what she thinks about her look-alike Hollywood star, she just said, “Been getting that a lot. Aba ta I can’t say no.” So yeah, even she thinks he looks a lot like her.

Still, Team Ben though!!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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