Cobweb’s Videos Are the Kind of Content You (Happily) Pay Your Internet Bill For!


I will fight anyone who won’t agree with me when I say that Cobweb is the most legendary Nepali rock band to have ever existed. Send me your location if you disagree with me.

The band, formed in 1992, did an epic concert earlier this year in February at Patan Durbar Square to mark thirty glorious years of the band’s existence in the scene. The band was joined by over a dozen of other artists from Kutumba, Night, Fusion Mantra, Nanashi, The Apostles, Resonance of Roots and Cover Solution as they performed 15 of their timeless hits.

The event titled The 30’s showcased a fusion of rock and folk music — that must have been a divine experience to witness live. I envy everyone who was there at this concert.

But the good thing is, the band has been releasing all of the live performances on their YouTube channel. Thank god for the internet and the awesome audio and video team from the event.

These are some absolute gems.

There have been some changes in the band throughout the years and the current lineup consists of Divesh Mulmi, Nilesh Joshi, Siddharth Dhakwa, Sanjay Aryal and Sujan Tandukar.

The band has released eight albums to date, ‘Anjaan’ being the first — released in 1993. It was the second album titled ‘Cobweb’, that came out in 1996, which made people realize that they are not only here to stay, but to rule.

Aaaaaand *drumroll* here’s everyone’s absolute favorite!

What a beauty!

Thank you for existing, Cobweb. And thank you for making music that simply feels like home.

And you, reading this, go find the band on YouTube and Instagram ’cause there are still a lot of videos that are yet to be released.

Cover Photo: @meromazzakokaryalaya


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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