Inflame Band’s New Single ‘Legal Gangsters’ Addresses Police Brutality, Corruption

If you don’t take rap music seriously, I don’t really blame you. Some artists and songs might have given the wrong idea about what hiphop is but man, the real hiphop has the power that other genres might not enjoy. I am not going to talk about the history and all, but yeah, hiphop surely is one of the most powerful genres of music. And it’s always good to see our homegrown artists utilising this power in the correct way.

The Inflame Band’s latest original is one such work. The band from Pokhara isn’t really known as a rap group and is more into rock-pop, mostly known for their covers — the English version of ‘Timi Nai Hau’ being their most popular number. But this time around, they’ve come up with a rap record. Titled ‘Legal Gangsters’, the track talks about what’s going on around the world — mostly about police brutality and corruption.

The music is produced by H3 Music and the track is arranged by Reuben Jalari. The song has been released with a music video directed by Johnny Pun and edited by Anoop Gurung.



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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