Don’t Listen to ‘Pheri Bhet Na Hola’ If You Had a Breakup Recently

Dealing with a breakup is difficult and what makes it even worse is the heartbreak songs. Like seriously, never listen to The Edge Band songs with a broken heart. It will only make it worse. In fact, avoid listening to any song that might remind you of the person; add this new song to the list.

This one’s called ‘Pheri Bhet Na Hola’ and it’s actually as sad as the title itself.

“Jhari parla yaad aaula, sangai bhijeko;
Bato haru bhetiyela sangai duleko;
Aashu jharla, mana rola, nasamjhi rakha hai;
Nalaijau mero chino haru, gaaro hola hai;
Aba jaane nai ta hau timi, ramro sanga basa hai;
Bhet hola arko juni ma, yo juni ta yestai vayo hai.”

Don’t even try to lie. These words totally got you, I know.

The song is written, composed and sung by Rikesh Gurung Key’s and it comes with a beautiful music video starring Nirajan Pradhan and Sandhya KC. And if you can’t stop wondering why the video looks so amazing; it’s shot, edited and directed by Abin Bho. Yep.


And if you’re someone who recently went through heartbreak and didn’t really care about my warning about not listening to this song, it’s okay and you’re gonna be okay. Just be good to yourself. In no time you’ll be making jokes and sharing memes about your ex. JK. It might be hard for now but you will get over them. Smile!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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