Turns Out, Not All Nepali Patriotic Songs Need to be in Nepali After All

Sayaun thunga phhol ka haami, eutai maala Nepali.

So true. We really are different — we, the people from different parts of the country. We look different, we speak different languages, we dress differently, our life styles are different. But despite our differences, there’s one thing that makes us one and it’s Nepal. We are all Nepali.

And when we think of a Nepali patriotic song, we instantly think it must be in Nepali. But well, it doesn’t have to. We speak more than 120 languages, so why can’t we have songs, that remind us who we are and why we are one whenever we tend to think otherwise, in every one of those languages? Sounds good to me.

So there’s this song called ‘Jay Jay Nepali’. The Bhojpuri language song is written and composed by Santosh Puri, and sung by Jitu Jitendra. This came out it 2017 and it’s a shame I am only discovering it now.

Such an energetic song, full of patriotism, this one is. Here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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