New Music: Trishala, Diwas Gurung, Yabesh Thapa, Rohit J. Chettri, ASM

I’mma keep it real — March was a pretty fucked up month. Let’s not even go there. But I’m grateful to the artists who put out beautiful music and helped us get through. So here are some releases that I’ve been listening to — you probably have come across most of them already (if you have good taste in music); but if you haven’t, better late than never.

Waiting For You by ASM

ASM were all set to launch their debut album with a kickass concert earlier this month on the 21st but the covid shit didn’t let it happen. Good thing, they released a single off of the album. ‘Waiting For You’ is “a song dedicated to that school life, that lunch break bell, hanging out with your friends in the football ground and trying your best that the discipline incharge doesn’t catch you with your crush.” The video is a work of Abiz Basukala.

By My Side by Trishala

Two weeks back, Doctor Trishala released a video giving us tips on how to protect ourselves against the virus. This week, singer Trishala has given us a new song to groove to. ‘By My Side’ is the multi-talented girl’s first English track written, composed and produced by herself along with Rohit Shakya.

It’s Too Late to Keep it Together feat. The KTNA by Sagun

If Sagun is not on your playlist, you’re missing out on some good lofi music. The bedroom music producer from Bhaktapur released a new work last week — a collaboration with London-based twin sisters The KTNA.

Jhari by Yabesh Thapa

Yabesh Thapa is the next big thing, I’m telling you. The ‘Lakhau Hajarau’ singer-songwriter blessed us with a new song last week. ‘Jhari’ is such a beauty.

Bidaai by Rohit John Chettri

Rohit John Chettri’s latest work is another beautiful addition to this list. ‘Bidaai’ is written, composed and sung by the ‘Bistarai Bistarai’ hitmaker himself, with Pratick Baniya on bass and Ashesh Rai on tabla. The track’s mixed and mastered by Avishek Ghalay.

Farak Rapper by Conscious

Jitey jitey jitey maile jindagima jitey…! Conscious actually is winning, putting out back to back fire records. His latest song tells us why this doctor is a Farak rapper.

Welcome to Mamba Mentality by Grizzle and Nasty

Another lit rap track on the list. Grizzle and Nasty pay tribute to Kobe ‘Black Mamba’ Bryant with their new collab track ‘Welcome to Mamba Mentality’. The track from their latest EP ‘Mamba Mentality’ has a sampled beat from Diplo’s ‘Welcome to the Party’.

Neela Akash by Bipul Chettri

With over 660k views on YouTube, this one’s the most streamed song on this list. When a Bipul Chettri song comes out, it instantly becomes everyone’s favorite and that’s what happened with the Kalimpong artist’s latest hit ‘Neela Akash’. Thanks to Sisan Baniya, one of the most celebrated Nepali YouTubers, the music video quickly grabbed all the attention as the vlogger didn’t only direct it but also played the lead and the only character on it.

Chitra by Yugal Gurung

Yugal Gurung, another fine artist, is coming up with his new album ‘Lukamari’ this month. He has dropped a new song called ‘Chitra’ on YouTube. Written, composed and sung by the UK-based singer himself; the track is mixed and mastered by Diwas Gurung. Such a beautiful song it is!

Sirful 2 by Ekdev Limbu and Beyond

Ness Studio = Beautiful songs. Yep, that’s right. And add Ekdev Limbu, you have a superhit song. The label’s latest release is called ‘Sirful 2’ performed by Ekdev and Beyond. Mixed, mastered and produced by Brijesh Shrestha, the song has an equally pleasing music video directed by Ghongbaa.

Dhoka Khola by Diwas Gurung

At last but not least — ladies and gentlemen, Diwas Fuckin’ Awesome Gurung, one of my absolute favorites. His music gives me life. The US-based artist just gave us yet another gem called ‘Dhoka Khola’.

Good list, eh? Let me know if you enjoyed any other March releases that I might have missed.

Let the new month bring us good days. Stay home, enjoy a good time with fam and eat healthy. Everything’s gonna be alright soon. Much love, y’all.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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