Delhi Food Walks’ Anubhav Sapra Explores Flavours of Nepal

Y’all, 2020 is nine days away — FREAKIN’ NINE DAYS AWAY! And so is Visit Nepal 2020. Duh.

I don’t know what the tourism board has been and is planning to do to promote the campaign that aims to bring two million foreign tourists to the country by the end of 2020 but what I know for sure is that a lot of YouTubers have been doing their part in doing so.

Dozens of foreign YouTubers visited Nepal this year and they’ve helped promote the country to their audiences. Harald Baldr was here until last week, and another popular travel vlogger Gabriel Traveler is here at the moment.

Most of these folks come to Nepal to trek, because, well — that’s what we are known for. What we are not known for is our food — all the delicious foods that we have in every corner of the country.

Coming to what this story is about; the founder of Delhi Food Walks, Anubhav Sapra, is in Nepal — doing what he lives and loves to do — exploring local food.

It’s the popular foodie’s first international food tour since he started DFW in 2011, and he is looking to find some of the most exciting cuisines at the most loved places around the Nepali capital.

“We are super elated to present you our maiden international street food exploration from Nepal, an enchanting and endearing Himalayan country that is blessed with a ravishing landscape, colourful culture, genial population and a rich culinary traditions”, DFW announced on its Instagram handle last week.

“The country combines magnificent views of the Himalayas, golden temples, quaint hill villages and flourishing wildlife making it one of the world’s enchanting travel destination. The culinary landscape is as diverse and interesting as the pristine terrain.”

Two videos, apart from a sneak peek video, have so far been released from Kathmandu and there are more to come.

Check these out (at your own risk).

Craving? Wait, there’s more teasing to do.



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