Forget John Cho & Kal Penn, Real Life Harald & Kumar Are Here.

It’s been eight years since the last ‘Harold & Kumar’ film came out and we’re pretty sure you must be missing the crazy duo. While there’s no confirmation if there’s ever going to be a fourth film in the franchise; at least, there’s Harald Baldr who has found his new best friend Kumar Gautam in Nepal. And together, they are winning the internet.

The Norwegian YouTuber arrived in Kathmandu earlier this month. The next day, he went to Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital to meet some children who were being helped by an ‘American Hero’ — Sunil Shrestha — for their treatment. In October this year, Shrestha lost his eight-month old son Leonardo Edward to brain cancer and then he started helping others through his foundation. The two had earlier met at the airport, and Harald didn’t only donate $2000 but has also been helping raise funds for the foundation.

The next day, Harald went on and had a haircut for which he paid Rs. 300 and tipped the 20-year-old barber a whopping $1000 (NPR 1,13,700). Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself.

Anyway; five days and six videos later, when Harald had to go to The Dwarika’s Resort in Dhulikhel, he took a cab. That’s when our hero entered the scene.

Ladies and gentleman, meet Kumar Gautam, the most entertaining cabby in Kathmandu.

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No wonder, Harald liked Kumar so much that he paid him $1000 for a taxi ride. Damn, this guy!

The two have now become pretty good friends and have been hanging out together. They took a trip to Chandragiri Hills where they had loads of fun together.

Harald is even helping the former cop with his 2022 presidential campaign.

Harald’s last video, that was published four days ago on the 15th, shows him having fun with Kumar’s family at his place.

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Kumar’s residence

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How we wish he had travelled to more places of Nepal, but he left the country two days back.

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Time to say goodbye ✈️

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If there’s going to be one last video from Nepal that is yet to be released, it would probably feature the iconic Gabriel Morris, who too, has recently arrived in Nepal.

Come back to Nepal soon, Harald. We would love to see more of your videos from here.


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