Sugam Pokharel’s New Music Video Will Make You Feel Old

‘Pheri Tyo Din’, ‘Kati Din Bitey’, ‘Samhalincha Kahile’, ‘Samjhanama Na Aau’ are among some of Sugam Pokharel’s songs that will always remind the folks currently in their late 20s and 30s about their teen years. Also known as 1MB (1-man-band), the ‘Jadhai Chhu Tadha’ hitmaker has given his fans a number of hits including one that has now become the Dashain anthem, unofficially.

Titled ‘Dashain Tihar’, the song that was first released by Inline Creation Records in 2012 was later uploaded on Sugam Pokharel’s official YouTube channel. The music video has been watched almost 13 million times if we combine the views on the two channels.

The video that also starred the singer’s cute little daughter Angeliza Pokharel was shot and directed by Shreshan and Visan Yonjan.

Cut to 2019, the little girl is not little anymore. The teenager, who had dropped her debut single last year, has collaborated with her father to give us yet another Dashain Tihar song called ‘Shubha Dashain’.

Written by Sugam Pokharel, the song is sung by the father-daughter duo and the music is arranged by Sunny Sunam. The music video is a work of Satiz Shrestha.

Happy Dashain, everyone!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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