Girish Pranil Getting Back Together on Kripa Unplugged

It’s really happening, you guys.

GP fans have been waiting for the duo’s comeback since forever; and the wait is almost over now as they will soon be seen performing ‘Ma Yesto Chu’, one of their biggest hits, along with beat-boxer Nishanta Gauchan on Kripa Unplugged.

It’s been over fifteen years since Girish Khatiwada and Pranil Timalsena parted ways. While they were together, the duo released two studio albums, ‘Meaningless Rap – The Album’ and ‘Back Again’. In 2004, Girish formed a new rap group called Girish and The Unity with Aidray and DA69 while Pranil went solo.

Fifteen years down the line, Girish is not only still very active in music but has also emerged as one of the most popular celebrity YouTubers in Nepal. On the other hand, Pranil hasn’t been in the scene much since he last dropped a solo album titled ‘May 18’ with hits like ‘Ankha Bhari’ featuring DA69 and ‘Yehi Ho Ta Maya’ with Nabin K Bhattarai.

The live music series is coming back for a third season and the line- up, as always, looks absolutely exciting. Unlike the last two seasons, the series this time will not be aired on television but only be released online. The very first episode with Shiva Pariyar is scheduled to premiere on Kripa Drishya Digital’s official YouTube channel on October 1st at 6 PM.

The latest season, directed by ‘Resham Filili’ famed Pranab Joshi, also features Sushant KC, Sabin Rai & The Pharaoh, Kandara, Kali Prasad Baskota, Kumar Basnet with Hercules Basnet, The Axe Band, Samriddhi Rai & Rohit John Chettri, Babin Pradhan, ASM, Abhaya and the Steam Engines and last but not least, Naren Limbu.

Having started in 2013, Kripa Unplugged is the closest show we have to Coke Studio. The first episode of the latest season will stream right here:

Can’t wait!!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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