Watch Shishir Budha Shrestha’s Hilarious Stand-up Set at Gotham Comedy Club, NYC

On June 25th, Shishir Budha Shrestha performed a stand-up set at one of New York’s renowned comedy clubs, Gotham Comedy Club; the venue that has witnessed some of the biggest names in stand-up scene perform.

The set’s tape is now out and we must say, it’s impressive to say the least.

The Kathmandu guy who went to the US for further studies in 2016 started his six-minute set by introducing himself, “Hi, everyone. My name is Shishir. I am from Nepal.” He then started doing what he was standing there for — make people laugh. “The first time I came here, the people called me Chinese. I told them I was from Nepal and they still called me Chinese. So I called them racist. You know people from Nepal are Nepalese and people from China are everywhere.”

The comedian then made jokes about how people in America have houses for everything – houses for cars (garages), bird houses, dog houses and crack houses. And the set keeps getting funnier with his original and fresh jokes. Right after his set, it was Jim Gaffigan who took the stage. Damn!!

Now that’s a Nepali stand-up comedian who is actually funny! You better support the dude and who knows, one day he will have a Netflix special of his own.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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