VTEN’s ‘Yestai Ta Ho’ Just Got 10x Better With This Tabla Twist

VTEN drops a new track and within hours, it becomes the hottest new single. That’s what happened when the ‘Laure Ko Fashion’ rapper put out ‘Yestai Ta Ho Ni’, a fresh new song from his Psycho EP.

In less than a month, the song has garnered a whopping 6.4 million views on YouTube. Not surprising at all ‘cos that’s what happens when talented folks like VTEN, Bluess and Hype (Trap Nepal) collab.

We were absolutely fine with the track and thought it couldn’t get any better. But boy, somebody kinda proved us wrong. This dude:

That boy, probably the happiest fella in the entire world, is Bikhyat Hyoju. The tabla player from Kathmandu started doing tabla covers earlier this year and the videos are released on his YouTube handle Nep Tabla Guy.

His latest work, a cover of VTEN’s ‘Yestai Ta Ho Ni Bro’, has become his most popular video on the platform so far. You will find out why when you listen to it yourself.


Life goal: To be as happy as this dude. Someday, may be someday!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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