Watch the Story of Darshan Pokhrel in New Neetesh J. Kunwar Music Video

Darshan Pokhrel first caught my attention when he dropped a spectacular video of Nepal in 2017. (Watch it here.) It was hard for me to believe it was work of a 17-year-old boy. Spending some time on his YouTube channel made me learn he had been making some amazing videos since a couple of years already — most of them being football videos.

He had been living in London back then. Cut to now, he has returned to Nepal and the Chitwan boy is studying multimedia in Kathmandu.

Now 19, Darshan has already made a name for himself in Nepali YouTube scene. His journey and the story that made him who he is now is portrayed in the latest music video for a new song by Neetesh Jung Kunwar. Titled ‘Hallantey’, the 5-minute video is a compilation of various of DP’s footage and clips.

So, why does he think he is a ‘Hallantey’ (wanderer)? “I’m never sure of where I’ll be tomorrow”, says the YouTuber. The video that took him a week to edit contains the shots from 2016 to 2018.

“My story sorta thing is about the stuff that I’ve done so far. Neetesh dai and I are like brothers and he came up with the idea for the video”, said DP. “I’m currently more focused on my YouTube and I feel like I don’t want to involve myself and give my creativity for the sake of money. I am thinking of doing a series where some famous people will do things they absolutely hate doing”, he answered when asked about his future projects.

This one sure is a talented chap and we look forward to his upcoming work.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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