Know Your Meme: Ma Last Risauchu Hai Guys

It’s either ‘Unsettled Tom’ or ‘Ma Last Risauchu Hai Guys’ meme that’s ruling the meme world right now. Okay, okay, it’s the latter one, of course. It’s about time PewDiePie does a reaction video to the meme.

It’s like whatever Sacar says, it becomes a thing. Months ago it was ‘Katta’ and now it’s ‘Ma Last Risauchu Hai Guys’.

When Sacar put out his vlog ‘SACAR ko Sapana VLOG Ep 1‘ on YouTube in January this year, I am sure he never thought something he said on the video will become a viral meme after over two months.

The video started with the rapper saying, “1k likes on the live video already, we already got like five thousand people to watch it. Aba timiharule album kinena bhane MA LAST RISAUCHU HAI GUYS”, referring to his latest album ‘Shree Panch’. And boom, after all these weeks, the five-word sentence has inspired dozens of memes, videos and even a trap track.

We’re not sure how many people have bought the album so far, but a lot of them do know Sacar last risaucha if they don’t get it soon. And when he gets angry, he becomes, well, he becomes this:

You do not wanna mess with him. You better get the album HERE.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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