Disgusting Video Shows Pervert Masturbate in Bus, Ejaculate on Girl’s Hair

  • 2-minute video shows a guy masturbating in a bus, ejaculating on a female passenger’s hair.
  • The video seems to be filmed by the perpetrator himself.

A harrowing video, showing a guy masturbating inside a bus and ejaculating on hair of the girl sitting in front of him, has been making rounds on social media – more particularly on some secret Facebook pages. The 2-minute clip, filmed by perpetrator himself, shows him getting on a bus and sitting behind a female passenger. The guy then unzips his pants and starts masturbating right behind the girl – who has no idea what’s going on – eventually ejaculating all over her hair.

(Blurred screengrabs from the video clip below. Disturbing images: viewer discretion advised.)

While it’s hard to exactly figure out from the video if the incident took place in Nepal, some netizens suggest it did. “Dalu microbus is where those #masturbusing videos are coming from!!!”, Facebook user Rukshana Kapali wrote on her handle. “I can confirm that from the nature of the seat, some scenes outside the window, and importantly, the front door of the bus. One bus that goes from Dalu to Lagankhyo(Lagankhel) has a broken front left door…. #StopMasturbusing

Since the video clip started going viral on Wednesday night, Twitter has been filled with the hashtag #StopMasturbusing.

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Netizens took to Twitter to condemn the incident and to appeal to bring the perpetrator to justice.

This is not just shocking but this incident shows us, again, how horrifying it is for women to use the public transport in Nepal.

Internet, let’s try and find this asshole and bring him to justice.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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