Sotang Family’s Got You A Beautiful Musical Treat

Don’t know if you got a Teej present from anyone or not, The Sotangs have definitely got you one.

When Shreya Sotang released her song ‘Ali Ali’ in 2015; we were like: “Damn! It can’t get any better than this.” Turns out, it can.


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Shreya along with her family — her parents Udaya and Manila Sotang, and brother Suyog — appeared on the latest video of Tuborg Open Sessions on Channel Arbitrary performing together their rendition of the song written by her father. With Suyog on piano, the three amazing singers gave their fans a treat.

The music for this particular session was directed by the 1974 AD guitarist, Manoj Kumar KC. The video shot by Gautam Shrestha, Amrit Mali and Anjon Limbu is edited by Prasanna Singh Karki.

Here, enjoy this beautiful number.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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