After 9 Years, Sugam Pokharel & Aaryan Sigdel Finally Know ‘Yo Ta Maya Ho’

“Ke Yo Maya Ho?” (Is it love?) – It was the question Sugam Pokharel and Aaryan Sigdel had asked in 2009. And after all these years – almost nine years to be exact – it looks like they have finally found the answer to the question.

The second soundtrack from upcoming film ‘Kaira’ has now been released and it’s a lot like an unofficial sequel to ‘Ke Yo Maya Ho’, a soundtrack from 2009 film ‘Mero Euta Saathi Chha’ starring Aaryan Sigdel and Namrata Shrestha. The song was written, composed and sung by Sugam Pokharel.

The new ‘Kaira’ soundtrack is a beautiful love song called ‘Yo Ta Maya Ho’  (It indeed is love) and it’s written by Naresh Bhattarai. The music is composed by Kalyan Singh and the song is sung by Sugam Pokharel and Shreya Sotang. The music is arranged by Uday Raj Poudel and mixed by Ujjwal Shreyan Mahat.

Starring Aaryan Sigdel and Samragyee RL Shah in the lead roles, the film produced and directed by Laxman Rijal also stars Shishir Rana, Hitesh Sharma, Tsuresh Neupane, Marisha Shrestha and Rozette Kaey Pablo. The film hits the theaters on August 3rd.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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