New Music: Underside, COD, Samriddhi, Kavi G, Jay Author, Jerusha & More

It’s been almost two weeks since we last published anything on the blog. And quite a lot of good music has been released in these days. Check out some of them right here.

Nabin Gahatraj – Aaja Raati

On Mother’s Day (USA/International), the US based singer Nabin Gahatraj released his first single. Titled ‘Aaja Raati’, the song has been sung from a mother’s prospective who wants her child to return home. Written, composed and performed by Gahatraj himself; the track is arranged and programmed by Saneer Music.

The music video for the beautiful song has not been released yet, but it does come with a lyric video. Here.

Majipa – Prashna

Majipa released a music video for their new song ‘Prashna’ last week. The rock band from Lalitpur has Bibhor Kayastha on vocals, Sajan Shakya and Manzil Bikram KC on guitars, Pratik Baniya on bass, and Lav Jung Chettri on drums.

The song has quite a kickass music video starring Saruk Tamrakar and Shannon Gomez. Directed by Kasam Nepal, the video is shot by Rajesh Shrestha and edited by Lokesh Bajracharya.

Jerusha x Diwas G – Rain

A collaboration between Jerusha Rai and Diwas Gurung can never go wrong. The US based artistes have worked together on a track titled ‘Rain’ that was released last week.

Here it is.

Jay Author x Aizen – Time Chaina

Jay Author made a cameo in James Shrestha’s comeback music video that was released earlier this month. And Shrestha did the same in the latest music video by Jay Author. Titled ‘Time Chaina’, the track also has Aizen on vocals. Written, composed and performed by the two UK based artistes themselves; the beat for the song is produced by Jay Author.

The song has a good music video done by Team Parallel.

Underside – Scare

Underside completed their New Zealand and Australia Tour earlier this month. And they’ve got the videos from some of their shows there to make the official music video for ‘Scare’, a song from their LP ‘Satan in Your Stereo’.


Samriddhi Rai – Kehi Maya Jastai

Samriddhi Rai is on a roll. Her adventure series Sammy Adventures has recently returned with a second season. The ‘Ma Chahi Nepali’ singer/songwriter is also releasing her debut studio album this year. The album is called ‘Subek’, and it’s named after her friend Late Captain Subek Shrestha who had passed away in a helicopter crash in 2015 while transporting relief and aid materials for the earthquake victims.

Rai has recently released the first track off of her album. Titled ‘Kehi Maya Jastai’, the song is written, composed and sung by her; while Manzil Bikram KC has arranged the music. The song comes with a lyric video that is done by Binay Kansakar.


Kavi G – Bhawana

When Kavi G drops something, he drops something good. The ‘Rap Ko Kira’ has released the music video for ‘Bhawana’.

Dude’s good, very good.

COD – Kina Hola

C.O.D. are making a comeback this year. The R&B/HipHop duo of Alis Rana and Bidhan Pradhan are dropping their new studio album called Rise/Fall soon. They released the first music video off of the album in February this year and they have released the second video recently. The song’s called ‘Kina Hola’ and the music for the song is produced by Roman Bajracharya.

The music video has Osin Rai, and it is directed and edited by Thujey. Watch it here.

Sarkar – Bhana K Chaiyo

Sarkar, know for his gangsta rap songs, released a new track this week from his album ‘Sambhidhan’. The beat for the song called ‘Bhana K Chaiyo’ is produced by Hype.


Hemant Rana – Timi Nabhaye

The ‘Saili’ singer is back! Hemant Rana’s latest song is called ‘Timi Nabhaye’. The love song is written by Samir Sagar and the music is composed by Sunny Sunam. Arranged by Bizu Karmacharya, the track is mixed and mastered by Ujwal Shreyan Mahat. The music video starring Kusum Gurung and Biraj Singh Chhetri is directed by Sonam Tshiring Lama.

Mr. D – Saniwar

‘Gobar Lyath’ Mr. D’s new song is about an addict’s hunt for marijuana. The funny rap song does come with a good message for the youngsters. The music video is shot by John Pahadi, edited by Sumanz Tamang and directed by Suraj Dahal.

Right here.

Bartika Eam Rai – Aashaa (II)

Bartika Eam Rai has released the sixth track from her second studio album ‘Taral’. The song is called ‘Aashaa (II)’ and it was the first ever full-length song she wrote back in 2012.

The beautiful song; written, composed and sung by Rai; is mastered and engineered by Diwas Gurung.

Amazing piece. Listen to it here.

Conscious – Rakhana

One of the most underrated rap artistes in the Nepali rap scene, Conscious surely deserves more attention that he has been receiving. The artiste, who remains anonymous, has recently dropped a new track called ‘Rakhana’. The love song is part of his upcoming EP titled Twisted Son of God. The beat for the track is produced by Hype.

This is good.

Play ’em in loop.


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