Manas Ghale Drops First Song From New Album ‘Malai Man Pardaina Timro Rap’

The OG of Nepali HipHop is back with a brand new album.

The year 2018 marks the 15th anniversary of Nepsydaz’s debut album ‘Ktm Reality’, that came out in 2003. The Hip Hop group, that was formed in 2000, originally had four members – Kiran Shrestha aka Mistah K, Manas Ghale aka Loorey, Gyanon Chitrakar aka Zero Level, and Schizo. Soon after the first album was dropped, Schizo left the group – leaving behind the three other members who moved ahead and came up with the second album titled ‘Made in Nepal’ in 2006; and that was the very album that brought the group all the attention and love they deserved. The album had some of their biggest hits including ‘Chhudaina’, ‘Maya’, and ‘Aaja Kina’. The trio then came up with the their third album in 2008 which was called ‘Aayo Nepsydaz.’

It’s been almost a decade since the group released any material together. Among the three members, Manas Ghale has been the one who is more active in producing music than the others. He released his first solo album called ‘Sukeko Jiuma Loorey Ko Bal’ in 2012. Three years later, he put out another album titled ‘Manasick Medicine’. And again, after three years since his last album, he is here with his brand new album ‘Malai Man Pardaina Timro Rap’.

On Tuesday (May 1), he dropped the first track from the album. The song ‘Basana’, which is written and performed by Manas Ghale, has music composed by Brijesh Shrestha. The song comes with a lyrical video done by Thujey Ngetup.

The seven-track album is different than his previous albums because, in his own words, “This is not a typical rap album. It has more melodies than rap; and the people would be listening to me singing more than rapping.”

There are no features in the album – all vocals performed by Ghale himself. The beats for the tracks are produced by Brijesh Shrestha, DJ AJ, Hype and Mars. The emcee doesn’t plan on releasing the physical copies of the album; instead, he would be releasing singles online.

Who’s excited?


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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