Short Film Captures Emotions of a Nepali Living Abroad During 2015 Earthquake

It has been three years since the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal – leaving almost 9000 people dead and ten thousands of others displaced. April 25th it was — the black day Nepalis would hardly be able to ever forget – not only those who witnessed and experienced the horror firsthand, but also those away from home.

While their family and friends were going through the toughest time of their lives back home; the Nepalis living abroad were going through all kind of emotions. They were upset, they were unsettled, they were frustrated and they were confused as most of them couldn’t contact their families because of the troubled phone network. They had no idea what they needed to do – whether they should try and fly back home immediately or was there anything better they could do.

A new short film was released on Wednesday this week – the day that marked the third year anniversary of the natural disaster. Titled ‘Earthquake’, the 14-minute film has Subash Thapa in the leading role – the only main character seen on screen, as he carries a number of phone conversations with a couple of other characters. The film shows the character – a Nepali living abroad — going through various emotions as he finds out about the earthquake back home. The actor; who has done a number of films including Birkhelai Chinchhas, Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe, and Ko Afno; has given a powerful performance.


The film is shot, edited and directed by Ashish Shrestha who had made his directorial debut with 2016 film titled ‘Safar’. Shrestha also co-wrote the screenplay with Bishal Sapkota. When asked if the film is based on his personal experience, ” Yes, more or less everyone living abroad must’ve gone through the same. I myself found out through Facebook, and then it was an emotional roller-coaster till I found out about the well-being of my family”, he answered. “My brother, who lives in Japan, had a tough time trying to contact bhauju and nani who were on a visit to Nepal when the Earthquake struck. I can imagine he went through the same feelings. So, yes it was inspired by a very close to heart experience”

“I wrote the first draft of the script about a year and half ago, and then rewrote it with Bishal. Coincidentally the actor, Subash Thapa, was in Australia when the Earthquake struck. His emotions are very real. He too, according to him, had a hard time getting through the phone lines”, Shrestha further said.

Produced under the banners of AAHA Production and Yuva Films, Ujjwal Singh is the Executive Producer and Pete Persaud is the Associate Producer of the film.

This is definitely one of the finest Nepali short films.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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