Nikita Chandak To Make Her Silver Screen Debut

One of Nikita Chandak’s dreams has always been to be part of the film industry; and it is now confirmed that her wish will come true as she has recently signed her first film.

The 21-year-old was crowned Miss Nepal World in June last year. Later that year, she represented Nepal at the 67th edition of the Miss World pageant in China in November where she was among the 118 contestants vying for the coveted crown. With her ‘head to head challenge‘ win, she had made it to the Top 40 in the competition.

Even after her Miss World stint, her contract with The Hidden Treasure was not over until she passed the crown to her successor Shrikhala Khatiwada last week (April 11). And that’s when her reign officially ended, and she had the freedom to choose what she wanted to do – and that’s what she did.

On April 15th, Chandak took to her Instagram handle to announce that she will be making her film debut. “Today I signed my FIRST FILM ⭐. I never knew that this was the path that was being paved for me by the Universe. The dream I carried for years now, is taking its form finally, it is turning into a reality. Now, will I have the reality check on my abilities to act. It seems scary to me but I believe that everything will be for the better and the best. Ready to take up this challenge. Thank you UNIVERSE✨ (sic)”, she wrote.

The film she is talking about is ‘Ranimahal’, which will be directed by Himal Neupane. Another debutant actor, Pritam Raj Senchuri, has been cast opposite Chandak. Nir Shah, Sushmita KC, BS Rana, Bhola Shah, Saugat Dhital and Uma Bebi, among others are also part of the film’s cast.

‘Ranimahal’ was announced earlier this year with Barsha Siwakoti and Prashant Tamrakar in the lead roles. But as the film couldn’t go into production in the scheduled time, the actors left the project. With the new cast, the filming is now scheduled to start by the end of April.

Good luck, Nikita!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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