Here’s A Nepali Music Video You Should Absolutely Be Excited About: Watch Teaser

When was the last time when you were super hyped for a film, a television/web series, or a book? Most probably, recently. And when was the last time when you were excited about a music video, more particularly a Nepali music video? Probably, never.

Well, here’s a teaser for an upcoming music video that should absolutely make you look forward for the release of the full video. Watch it first, and then we shall talk about it.

See? We told you.

We know what questions you have in your mind right now, and we are going to answer them right away.

The teaser you just watched is for the music video for Kamero‘s ‘Nepenthe(s)’, a song from their debut studio album titled ‘Absence Paradox’ that they released in 2017. Formed in 2014; the Kathmandu based progressive rock/metal band consists of Abin Basukala (visuals), Bishwas Bhatta (guitar), Manish Sainju (vocals), Ritavrat Joshi (bass), Suramya Sthapit (Guitar) and Sushant Roy (drums).

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The band’s first official music video was released in August 2016. It was for the song called ‘Pragmatic Delusions‘. And with the very team that created the kickass video, the band will be releasing their second music video in June this year.

The creative folks at Jazz Productions are currently, in fact, they have been working on the video for almost a year now. “We’ve been working on the post production for almost six months now; and the pre-production, too, had taken five months”, director Aneel Neupane told NeoStuffs. “We are trying to make a historical Nepali war music video with a sci-fi twist and we’re pushing the limits to prove a point — that we can produce awesome content right here in Nepal.”

The video, that stars ‘Loot’ actor Karma, is written, directed and edited by Neupane himself. While Nibhal Bajracharya has led the team for creating all the necessary props; Nagesh Kandel is leading the VFX team.

“Karma dai got onboard as soon as he heard the concept. It was amazing working with such a great actor”, said Neupane. “We are hopeful that this music video will make people realize that there are epic stories here that just need the right method of storytelling. Take the Nalapani war for example.”

Neupane says he has always desired to watch some homegrown epic historical war films and videos ever since he watched the 2006 film ‘300’, directed by Zack Snyder. But since no one really made the effort, he took it upon himself to give it a shot with his team of over two dozen creative young minds.

“We shot most of the portion in green screen, and created a set in our studio for the interior of the ship”, Neupane added. “This was an insane idea that I thought would never see the light of day but now that it’s actually manifesting, it’s like watching your dreams in HD.”

The music video will be approximately eight minutes in length. As there’s still a little over a month for the video to drop, listen to Kamero’s album for now. Stream it HERE.

Can’t wait!!


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