VTEN’s ‘Simsime Pani’ Music Video Pulled Down By YouTube

YouTube has taken down VTEN’s latest video “due to copyright claim by Music Nepal”, which owns the rights of the original song by Rekha Shah.

The rapper had released his ‘Simsime Pani’ music video on the video sharing platform on Sunday night (March 25). By Monday evening, when the video was removed, it had already garnered around 150,000 views.

The beat produced by Trap Nepal was sampled from ‘Simsime Panima’, a popular folk song whose music and lyrics were collected by Shah. At age 14, she had sung the song to win Radio Nepal’s nationwide folk song competition in 2049 BS.

There are currently two versions of the song that have been released on YouTube by Music Nepal – a remix version featuring DJ LX; and another one that was released in 2015.

Rekha Shah, on Monday evening, took to her Facebook handle to address the issue. “VTEN’s music video, which had been recorded using the popular ‘Simsime Panima’ song – that has my music and vocals – without my permission, has been removed from his YouTube channel. I hereby inform that the financial and marketing rights of my song are with Music Nepal”, she wrote. [Translated]

VTEN later announced that the song will be re-released with a new beat. “Due to copyright issue, the video of SIMSIME PANI has been taken down. We will soon upload its new version without having the original tune on it”, he wrote on Facebook.

VTEN’s another hit Laure Ko Fashion, a track released by Trap Nepal, too has a beat sampled from an old song. It was sampled from Master Mitrasen Thapa’s ‘Lahure Ko Relimai’ song. Luckily, there hasn’t been any copyright claim over that song on YouTube.

The ‘Simsime Pani’ music video was produced by The Basement, the same company that had also done the video for Laure’s ‘Superraga‘.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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