‘Sunkesari’ Trailer Promises There Are Scary Things In This Spooky Castle

We don’t really get to see a lot of Nepali horror films – in fact, we don’t really have a lot of filmmakers who would try and make a film of a genre other than family drama, love story, comedy and action. If we talk about thrillers and horror flicks, there are just handful of them – and they, too, couldn’t do very well at the box office. We get it, the risk is real. But that doesn’t mean that you keep on making the same kind of films over and over again.

Alright, the mini rant is over.

The good thing is, there’s going to be at least one horror film this year. It’s Sunkesari which drops later this year on May 25. The theatrical trailer for the film written and directed by Arpan Thapa has been recently released; and it makes us hopeful and surely does make us look forward to the film.

Produced by Bhim Neupane, Reecha Sharma and Sharmila Sapkota under the banners of BG Entertainment, Richa Sharma Films, The Peak Pictures and Third Eye Pictures; the film stars Reecha Sharma, Sunny Dhakal, Lauren Lofberg and Rabindra Jha, among others. The film takes place in a haunted house where things start to get, you know, scary.

The film has entirely been shot in Australia – mostly in the castle Camelot at Kirkham.

Here’s the trailer that does give some chills.

This better be good.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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