Paulo Coelho’s New Book ‘Hippie’ Is Set In 1970’s Kathmandu

Paulo Coelho’s new book – that will take the readers back to the early ’70s – will be out in summer this year.

The renowned Brazilian novelist took to his Facebook handle on Sunday, March 11th to reveal what his new book ‘Hippie’ is going to be about.

“My new book HIPPIE – to be published in summer everywhere -, takes place in Sept 1970 when I was a hippie going to Kathmandu by bus (the so called “Magic Bus”).  I wonder if people still care about these times, but I had to follow my inner call”, the 70-year-old author wrote.

Just a reminder; Nepal used to be a heaven for the hippies in ’60s and early ’70s as marijuana used to be legal in the country. They used to travel the “hippie trail” – which would typically start from cities in western Europe, often London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam or Milan; all the way to South Asia – usually in hand-painted Volkswagen buses to travel as cheaply as possible.

Well, with Coelho’s ‘Hippie’, we’re sure to get some first-hand account of what Kathmandu used to be like in the ’70s from the point of view of a former hippie himself.

Best known for his widely translated novel The Alchemist (Kimiyagar in Nepali); Coelho has been generally writing one novel every two years. His last book ‘The Spy’ had come out in 2016.

This is exciting. Can’t wait!

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