Ex-Lovers Meet After Years, Things Get Awkward In This Excellent New Short Film

Imagine loving someone with all your heart but one day, you have to be apart – that too, on not a very good note. Then suddenly, you meet them after years. How would it be like? How would you treat them and vice versa? A new Nepali short film imagines what it would be like; and it’s commendable.

Titled ‘A Small Reunion’, the 21-minute film is released by CineVyasa Productions on YouTube. It’s about a group of friends who have a reunion after years; but it doesn’t go the way they expected.

The protagonist, played by Shishir Siwakoti, is a struggling filmmaker whose only work – a short film – couldn’t give him the attention that he had hoped because “Nepalese have low visual literacy. And people are busy running after Anmol KC and they don’t know what real cinema is”, in his own words. Throughout the film, he keeps saying a lot of things, and looks like he has an opinion about just everything. He does make a lot of sense sometimes though, including when he talks about how people think Dayahang Rai’s best films are ‘Loot’ and ‘Kabaddi’ while they have no idea about ‘Anaagrik’ and ‘Dasghunga’ – two of his most iconic films.

On the other hand; his ex – played by Surabhi Sapkota – is now a married woman who lives abroad with her husband. The film that also stars Bimba Adhikari, Madan Parajuli and Amrita Pudasaini is written, directed and edited by Pukar Mani Rai. Produced by Bachan Byanjankar, Ayush Shrestha and Pukar Mani Rai; the film is shot by Ayush Shrestha and the music is produced by Pralaya Rai.

Overall, it’s a very good film. It’s definitely the best Nepali short film to have come out in 2018 so far – at least for us. Watch it here and let us know what do you think of it.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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