Guy Edits Himself Into Britain’s Got Talent Audition Video & It’s Pretty Hilarious

Nepal will have its own version of the popular ‘Got Talent’ television franchise show later this year. Yayy! But there’s still time, so for the time being, you can enjoy a clip that we have right here.

Praful Subedi of Lafango’S has come up with an edited video of himself auditioning in Britain’s Got Talent and it’s pretty good.

“I am going to play guitar; but I cannot play guitar”, he says before he eats a banana “that will give him power to play guitar”. He, of course, gets booed by the audience; and the judges, too, get doubtful of his talent. But then, something happens, something magical – and the Jimi Hendrix inside him wakes up – all thanks to the banana he ate. David Walliams goes crazy and starts dancing all over the place. Simon Cowell and Alesha Dixon get super impressed as well. Over all, it turns out to be great performance. And how we wish it was all true.

Anyway, a fun video that has been edited well. Enjoy this one, y’all.



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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