Music Video For Monkey Temple’s New Song ‘Jiwan Ko Rail’ Released

Monkey Temple is on a roll right now. In last two months, the rock band has traveled across the nation to play 17 gigs. They have also recorded some new songs and have been releasing new music videos quite regularly.

The band’s latest release is the music video for their new song called ‘Jiwan Ko Rail’. Starring Soni Shrestha and Sandipa Limbu, the video is shot and directed by Manish Adhikari; and edited by Bibek Gautam.

Watch it here.

The video tells the story of a same-sex couple. “They are a lot into each other; but their family and the society don’t really support them and so they’re often bullied, thought low of and are unaccepted”, Jyotsna Yogi, who did the story, told NeoStuffs. “They go through hardships to fit in but they don’t. So in the end, they meet at the rooftop. While they’d already made plans to leave these unaccepting people; they are not quitters and they’d rather go away from everyone if it means to be together.”

Written, composed and sung by Sareen Deoja; the song has Dipesh Shrestha on guitar, Pratap Risal on drums and Jenish Maharjan on bass. The track is mixed and mastered at Soundfusion.

Such a beautiful song with a good music video!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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