Video Song From ‘Gaja Baja’ Released Again, With A Lot Of Changes: Watch

The first song from arguably the most controversial Nepali film of recent times, Gaja Baja, has been released AGAIN with quite a number of changes.

Watch the video first and then we shall talk about it.

The song that was initially released online as ‘Tripping on a Happy Mood” exactly a year ago in December 2016 was removed by YouTube for some reasons that are even unknown to the director Ganesh Dev Pandey. In a recent interview with NeoStuffs, he had said, “I have no idea what the reason was [for the video’s removal] and who was behind it.”

The song has now been released as “Happy Happy Mood”. Yep, the word ‘Tripping’ has been removed from the title. Take a look at what else has been changed.

Most of the scenes involving smoking, rolling a joint, or buying weed has been removed.

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Also the scenes with anything sexual in it has been removed. Like this one that had a guy “going down” on a girl.


This scene is still there but in the video that was previously released, it was quite clear that the guy is masturbating as he was looking at some poster while “doing” it. It still is quite clear in the recently-released one as well but a lot of people would still be confused and would be like, “Wait, is he?”


Also, the scene in which the two characters were seen urinating is gone.


Hmm. Looks like the makers didn’t want to take a chance again and hence, removed anything that could have resulted in a ban.

Composed by Nikh and Jata, the song is sung by Jataveda Banerjee. The film stars Anupam Sharma of ‘Gangster Blues’ fame and the ‘Hostel Returns’ actor Sushil Sitaula in the lead roles. Barsha Siwakoti, Rabin Thapa and Uddav Raj Bhattarai also star in the film written and directed by the ‘Manjari’ director Ganesh Dev Pandey.

The film still is waiting for the final verdict from the Supreme Court regarding its title. The makers had taken the matter to the court after the Film Development Board denied to register the film because of the word ‘Gaja’ in its title. The film is slated to release on March 9 if it gets a green signal.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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